Tuesday, July 30, 2013

easily make/earn money online with adf.ly link shortener

Adf.ly is a link shortening service. It will make a normal link into paid link. u can earn as much as money from adf.ly by sitting at home .The earning depends upon the number of unique user that they visit adf.ly link. I have already made some dollers from adfly link.Here I'm going to tell  how to make money with adf.ly connect shortening service .so everyone look sharp  to shorten your link and earn $$.

how it works 
 adf.ly automatically convert your link to new short link which is paid link.you don't need your website or blog .you can do for any site url . basically it pays $5 for unique 1000 views.


  1. adfly account .click here to signup.
  2. paypal account for withdrawing your money.
you need to know
      adfly will pay high if the link is visited basically from usa ,canada,australia ,singapore,  united kingdom.


  1. facebook
  2. twitter
  3. google+
  4. stumble upon
  5. blog/website
  6. yahoo answer
  7. forum post

payment proof:-

yet there are lots of alternative of adfly that u can try:

  1. ADFOCUS.com  ($5 per 1000 views)
  2. ITY.IM      ($5 per 1000 views)   
  3. linkbucks.com  ($6.5 per 1000 views)


  1. Nice info man...I used Neobux to earn money..But it took a lot of time but less payment I'll try this..

    1. you need to follow some Strategy sushil DC .about recycling of rented reffer ,,,keep your autopay on ,daily clicks the ads at server time ,,
      if you didnot follow Strategy properly then it will be loss of money and time in ptc sites ..please be updated i will soon post an article related ptc Strategy .....

  2. what a brilliant idea...
    it takes time .., bt if the web site is renouned..., one can get a loads of money... Wow..!!!

    1. sure DOMBROCK we can earn lots of money if site is renouned and number of daily unique visitor is maximum

  3. I have autopay on, daily click at least 5 ads..but still I have rented 5 refarrals by doing microjobs..Their average click is below than 2...It really sucks that I have still at $0.493 in three weeks..

    1. dear sushil DC 5 rented refferal is not enough ,,,it will takes lots n lots time to earn single doller with 5 refferal...you should have atleast 100 refferal ,,buy them...
      without proper Strategy ptc is loss of time and money bro..dont worry i will soon post Strategy i have followed ,,stay updated..

  4. i have followed many strategies but i'm bored..post smthn interesting..

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