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make money online easily throught paied to click sites and boost your online earning through ptc

PTC industry has became the most effective and fast method to make online money for the past 5 yrs.Nowadays ptc  sites are growing at high rate, some are scam sites while some are still legit.we don’t know what  happens tomorrow todays legit site can turn into tomorrow  scam site .so we should be updated with latest articles post regarding the case of online earning.
In my view online earning is not easy task it needs lots of effort and patience. Now lets jump into today hot topic i.e online earning through ptc sites.

What actually is ptc site?
PTC site means Paid to Click Site. A PTC site pays people for clicking on links and ads and then it is normally paid by advertisers. A PTC site is a middleman between individuals and advertisers.
Basically,  ptc sites pay you when you click their ads.And it also  give an chance to multiply your earning by downline commissions. Downline stands for number of people(referrals) who linked below you. You need to build an active downline to bring  more money from it. That is the all theme behind ptc sites.
Why ptc ?
Among many online jobs to make income, such as multi-level marketing, data entry  ptc is the finest and speedy method to make income online. Ptc is more beneficial than data-entry, because data-entry takes a lot of time and get paid less if errors are more. But ptc pays more for spending little time in screening ads. So paid to click is known as as the 'fast cash formula.
Payment processor
Use payza(if you are from country like Nepal where paypal is not fully supported) so that you don’t get problem during withdrawing money.there is netletter too.
for me probux is best and its paying me till today...
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Few terms you need to know
  1. Autopay:- autopay is one of the way to extend your refferal automatically.if you have auto pay enabled,on a first click refferal makes per day,you’ll pay to keep that refferal for an extra day .
  2. Ad reset time: its time when ads get reset .the time when you signup your account will be ad reset time for most of ptc .it is in left side of page
  3. Server time: its time where the ptc sites server are is in right side of page.
  4. Direct refferal:-those refferal who sign up with your affliate link.
  5. Rented refferal:-those refferals to whom you paid for certain time.
ptc click

I m going here with investment strategy because without investment it takes lots of time.
 Strategy 1:
 Invest at least about $10 to rent 50 refferal Or $5 to invest 25 refferals. Either load from    payment processor or do mini jobs.

 Strategy 2:
 Keep some money in rental balance .you need it for recycling of rented refferals.

 Strategy 3:
 Click your ads everyday .Click  ads at only appropirate server time. Do not click the ads    whatever time you like .first calculate the appropriate time to click the ads .
  note:- always click between the ads reset time and server before 0:00 i.e 24.59
 strategy 4: (recycle strategy)
  1. recycle referrals that is inactive for 5 days if the referrals was just bought.
  2. Recycle referrals that is inactive for 5 days and has average below 1.33 .it cost ($0.07/refferal)
 strategy 5: (renew strategy)
 Renew referrals for 30 days or 60 days or 240 days the maximum amount of days.
Strategy 5:
 Keep your autopay always ON
Strategy 6: (clicking strategy
 Always clicks 4 fixed advertisement(if standard member) i.e orange color ads and clicks 9  ads daily if you are golden member.
Strategy 7:
 If you are earning good amount of money then go for golden membership it will double    your earning .probux charges $70/year and neobux charges $80/year for golden member.
note 1:-
 please do not cash out when you reach your withdraw limit.(you should utilize that for  renting more referrals) .higher the referrals higher is the earning.
Note 2:- 
 If a referral goes below 20 days left, renew them for 30 or more days so that they can be  paid through AutoPay, thus giving you the 15% discount. AutoPay will not apply to  referrals who goes below 20 days until next payment.

Earning calculation:-
These are calculations of possible earnings that you can achieve with ProBux:
Standard Members: (rented refferals)
- 100 Referrals x $0.005 x (taking avg 4 clicks)= $2.04 /day & $61.20/month
- 100 Referrals x $0.005 x (taking avg 3 clicks)= $1.54 /day & $46.20/month
- 100 Referrals x $0.005 x (taking avg 2 clicks)= $1.04/day  & $31.20/month
Note:-if your average click of refferal is 1 then you won't make profit you are in loss.
 (Your own clicks calculation)
4 fixed ads x 0.01 =0.04/day and $1.20/month.
12  Daily Exposure ads x $0.001=$0.012 and $0.36/monthly.

You will get 20% commision from your direct refferal .you can earn more money from mini job and playing pro grid games sum up your earning with refferals earning to get your total earned amount.

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Golden Members: =2 times of standard member
- 100 Referrals x $0.01 x (taking avg 4 clicks)= $4.08/day & $122.40/month
- 100 Referrals x $0.01 x (taking avg 3 clicks)= $3.08/day & $92.40/month
- 100 Referrals x $0.01 x (taking avg 2 clicks)= $2.08/day & $62.40 /month
Your  own clicks earning in golden mambership :
Same as standard member but you will get more only in extended expoosure ($0.020) in standard you will get ($0.015).You will get 20% commision from direct refferals..

Tips to increase direct refferals
Post and provide your affliate link in different forum ,websites ,blog social networking sites like facebook ,twitter etc.

Happy earning: your comments and suggesion are always welcome….


  1. Paid to click sites are legit if you know how to use it right. Acually, I am making atleast 100 dollars per day by doing it the right way and it became my passive paypal income of my life.