Sunday, August 25, 2013

some common internet error codes with their significances meanings

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Internet is the place wherever everything is altering on second basis,The things you are getting at present might not get in future because its nature of internet.  usually you come across a lot online internet errors but a couple of error are the common and major ones I have enrolled below.

If you don't have  knowledge about what these are and what these error implies than check out below errors.

# 400
400 erorr occur if you type some unknown URL that server could not understand, so be sure that URL you're typing is correct.It is just a bad request error.
# 401
401 error occur if you try to visit some unauthorised site than you will see/face with 401 error.Be sure you've entered correct username and password to stay aside from this error.
 # 402
402 error is defined for any kind of payment faults you receive, so if you attempting any transaction and you forgot to add payment information than you could face this type of error.
# 403
403 error appear if you're trying to access some disallowed pages its somewhat alike to 401 error, so be sure you're not barred by that website.
# 404
404 is the most basic common  error that is frequently faced(seen) over internet, this error occur if you try to visit website that is already renamed or removed.
# 408
If you're active on some page which requires you to add something in assigned time and you don't complete that in given time period than you could get  408 error.In short timeout error is known as 408 error.

Fine now these are the some errors you could face in the internet.if you have any suggestion ,comments then you are most welcomed.Smile